Sunday, March 15, 2015

Week 8, 3/16 to 3/20

(This may change from day to day depending on how much we actually get done in class so check back often to make sure something wasn't changed at the last minute.) 

 Last updated on Monday, Mar 16, 2015, 1:55pm

1st per - 7:45am to 9:08am 
2nd per - 9:12am to 10:35am 
Lunch - 10:35am to 11:05am 
3rd per - 11:09am to 12:31pm 
4th per - 12:35pm to 1:25pm 
6th grade Science

Monday - Today students will continue the research phase of the water pollution webquest we started last week.

Since we just started working on this everyone is at the beginning so no one is behind. That means fresh start for those who feel behind on their energy and forces work.

This week's HW - If you didn't get your March 25 Tree Planting Permission Slip Signed last week please do so this week on turn it in by tomorrow if you didn't turn it in today.

If you are working on the Student Blogging Challenge make sure you do Week 3 (Week's 1 and 2 should already be done).

Also work on any missing energy and forces assignments.

Tuesday - Today students will continue to research water pollution. Once they are done with the research (answering the webquest questions) they can begin writing their Public Service Announcement (PSA).

Wednesday through Friday - I will be gone the rest of this week to Portland, OR to attend the NCCE 2015 computing in education conference with our district's tech committee.

Students need to finish writing and proofreading their water pollution public service announcements (PSA's) this week. Then they can work on the other environmental assignments.
6th grade Exploratory
WoW in Schools

(This is my 2nd period class come back for 4th period.)

Monday - Today students will by playing World of Warcraft instead of working on their typing and the other WoWinSchools assignments because the computer lab will be busy Monday and Tuesday next week. So Monday and Tuesday next week we will be working on typing and other assignments in my classroom.

This week's HW - None

Tuesday through Friday - The rest of the week students will be playing World of Warcraft. Some students are getting close to level 20! Once they reach level 20 they can work on their professions.
Email me with any questions.

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