Monday, March 23, 2015

Week 9, 3/23 to 3/27

(This may change from day to day depending on how much we actually get done in class so check back often to make sure something wasn't changed at the last minute.) 

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1st per - 7:45am to 9:08am 
2nd per - 9:12am to 10:35am 
Lunch - 10:35am to 11:05am 
3rd per - 11:09am to 12:31pm 
4th per - 12:35pm to 1:25pm 
6th grade Science

Monday - Today I checked up on students to see who was on task and not only learned a lot about water pollution but also took notes last week while I was gone!

Those who are done with their notes will begin to design their Public Service Announcement!

2nd period is responsible for the fish traps this week!

HW - For those who didn't do much if any work last week, you need to catch up on your water pollution notes at home.

And I still have 13 kids in all three classes who have NOT turned in their Permission Slip for Wednesday's field trip.

Tuesday - Today students will continue working on their water pollution notes, if they didn't finish last week, and their Public Service Announcements, if they finished their notes.

Tonight for our Eagle Night back to school evening from 5 to 7pm in the middle school gym I will have a couple of tables where kids can show off what they do in Science. I will have a computer, some iPads, and a couple of pegboard assemblies for kids to show what we've been doing!

HW - See Monday! And dress warmly and for rain in case it rains tomorrow.

Wednesday - Today we will be planting trees at the Chimacum Commons! Each class will go during their class period for Science and return in time to get to their next class.

Thursday and Friday - Students will continue to work on their water pollution public service announcements! The plan is to be done by today but for those who need more time they can work on it over spring break. They can also finish it when we get back from spring break.

Since most students haven't even finished their research and notetaking, they can finish that over spring break so they can begin the public service announcements when we get back.

HW - Have a great Spring Break!
6th grade Exploratory
WoW in Schools

(This is my 2nd period class come back for 4th period.)

Monday and Tuesday - We will be working on my Science classroom, room 410, to complete more WoWinSchools quests, take the FINAL typing test to see how much improvement was made, AND to take the end of course survey! This is it! 

HW - None, unless you want to finish any last WoWinSchools quests or improve your typing test score.

Wednesday to Friday - We will continue to play the Horde Side (the enemy!) to learn their side of the story of World of Warcraft!
TBA = To Be Arranged.

Email me with any questions.

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