Sunday, March 6, 2016

Quarter 3, Week 6, 3/7 to 3/11

(This may change from day to day depending on how much we actually get done in class so check back often to make sure a deadline or assignment or homework wasn't changed at the last minute.) 

 Last updated on Wednesday, March 9, 2016, 9:42pm

1st per - 7:45am to 9:05am
Homeroom -  9:09am to 9:19am
2nd per - 9:19am to 10:39am 
Lunch - 10:39am to 11:09am 
3rd per - 11:12am to 12:32pm 
4th per - 12:36pm to 1:26pm 
6th grade Science

Monday - Parents, click here to see if your child has completed his or her Lesson 7 Conclusion assignment. 

I have begun assessing students on the physics standards so we have little if any class time for them to finish their conclusions if they haven't already. If they could work on their conclusions at home then we won't fall any farther behind on our schedule to start our Environmental Unit of study.

Today students will take the vocabulary Kahoot quiz again. Then they'll have a little bit of time to work on their 3D GameLab quests, which includes the Lesson 7 lab conclusion!

HW - Finish your lesson 7 lab conclusion blog if it's not done yet.

Tuesday - We will be on Early Release Schedule today.

Today students will take the next assessment. I'll be using Peardeck to test their knowledge.

HW - Tonight, from 5pm to 7pm, in the middle school gym, is our Back to School, or Eagle, Night! Come to see what your child is doing in school! I'll have a couple of pegboards up so kids can show you what they've been learning. I'm also taking out some of our water quality testing equipment so you can see that too! See you there. :)

Wednesday - We will be on Early Release Schedule today.

Today students finished the Peardeck review/test practice.

Thursday - School Cancelled due to windstorm!

Friday - Students will be working on the last part of their physics assessment.

Once students complete their assessment, they will be working on their 3D GameLab work. Monday we will be switching to our new unit!

There will be NO fish trapping activity this week.
6th grade Exploratory
Technology Lit

Monday - Group B - Almost everyone has begun to play World of Warcraft and immerse themselves in the story. We still have a few kids in each class who are not yet playing the game.

The plan is to go the computer lab every day this week to play World of Warcraft!

HW - If you are one of the few kids not yet playing World of Warcraft try to find a computer at home so that you can complete the preliminary assignments and take your keyboarding test so that you can start playing in class!

Tuesday - Group A

Wednesday - Group C 

Thursday - No Group today due to school cancellation from wind storm!

Friday - Group B
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