Saturday, September 17, 2016

Quarter 1, Week 3, 9/19 to 9/23

(This may change from day to day depending on how much we actually get done in class so check back often to make sure a deadline or assignment or homework wasn't changed at the last minute.) 

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1st per - 7:45am to 9:02am
Homeroom -  9:06am to 9:16am
2nd per - 9:16am to 10:33am 
Lunch - 10:33am to 11:03am 
3rd per - 11:07am to 12:24pm 
4th per - 12:28pm to 1:22pm 
6th grade Science

Monday - Today students are going to do an activity to learn about observations and inferences.

Then we are going to setup Science Notebooks so that students can begin logging into their 3D GameLab Accounts.

HW - If your parents haven't signed up for the class Bloomz account they can email me for the correct class code.

Tuesday through Friday - This week students will finish the observation and inference activity, then use 3D GameLab to begin their Science activities. Among those activities are the Mt Saint Helens lessons that students will be learning due to our visit to Mt Saint Helens during Cispus!

I will also show students how to use their school Google Apps for Education or GAFE accounts to access tools like Google Docs, Google Slides, and Google Drawings to name a few. 

Students will begin using the class iPads, Netbooks, Laptops and iMacs to start their Science learning adventure in 3D GameLab!

Students will use 3D GameLab to complete class assignments in Science. The 3D GameLab Science assignments, known as quests, can be done at each student's own pace so some can work quickly while others can go slower as needed. I can provide students individualized help and feedback as students work independently! 

Students can even use 3D GameLab at home if they fall behind in class! It's a great service.
6th grade Exploratory
Technology Lit

Monday - Group B - I will show students how to sign in and use their 3D GameLab accounts so they can begin their WoWinSchools work!

HW - Turn in your signed class syllabus if you haven't done so already.

Tuesday - Group C, same as Group B above.

Get the class syllabus signed by a parent and turn that in tomorrow in Science.

Wednesday - Group A, same as Group B above.

Friday (double period) - Group B -  Students will continue using 3D GameLab to complete the first WoWinSchools assignments. Students will be learning how to use our online discussion forum. The first set of assignments, or quests, have to do with analyzing bravery and choosing adventure quotes. Students will also complete quests about digital citizenship.
Email me with any questions.

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