Monday, January 26, 2015

Week 1, 3rd Quarter, 1/26 to 1/30

(This may change from day to day depending on how much we actually get done in class so check back often to make sure something wasn't changed at the last minute.) 

 Last updated on Tuesday, Jan 27, 2015, 5:20pm

1st per - 7:45am to 9:08am 
2nd per - 9:12am to 10:35am 
Lunch - 10:35am to 11:05am 
3rd per - 11:09am to 12:31pm 
4th per - 12:35pm to 1:25pm 
6th grade Science

Monday - No School Today - Semester Break.

HW - None

Tuesday - Today I am looking for teams who have their lab Problem, Hypothesis, Procedure, and Data Table complete. Those that get the above approved by me will be able to begin the lab today or tomorrow.

2nd Period will be setting and retrieving fish traps this week.

HW - None

Wednesday - As student teams finish their experiment procedures and get them approved by me they will conduct their lab to figure out the best arrangements to get their motors to lift the most washers they can.

HW - None

Thursday - Today students should begin working on page 66 in their EMM books to calculate the maximum force exerted by their motors.

HW - None

Friday - First and Second period will be participating in Market Day today so they will not have Science class.

Third period will have Science today. By today students should be completing lesson 7 on page 67 by answering the reflection questions.

HW - None
6th grade Exploratory
WoW in Schools

(This is my 2nd period class come back for 4th period.)

Monday - No School Today - Semester Break.

HW - None

Tuesday - Intro to the course today for my new group. Today I will begin seeing my 2nd period Science class for this exploratory!

HW - Give your parents the course letter.

Wednesday - Today students will log into their WoWinSchools to begin the pre-World of Warcraft assignments.

HW - None

Thursday - Students will be working on their WoWinSchools assignments.

HW - None

Friday - Same as yesterday.

HW - None
Email me with any questions.

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