Friday, November 2, 2012

Week 10, 11/5 to 11/9

(This may change from day to day depending on how much we actually get done in class so check back often to make sure something wasn't changed at the last minute.) 
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 Daily Schedule 
1st per - 7:45am to 8:37am 
2nd per - 8:41am to 9:33am 
3rd per - 9:37am to 10:29am 
Eagle Time - 10:33am to 11:00am 
Lunch - 11:00am to 11:32am 
4th per - 11:36am to 12:28pm 
5th per - 12:32pm to 1:24pm 
6th per - 1:28pm to 2:20pm
6th grade Science

Monday - Today 6th graders need to finish the first half of lesson 5, Inquiry 5.1, on the elastic force exerted by a rubber band.

Then we will start preparing for the second half of lesson 5, Inquiry 5.2, comparing weight to mass (gravitational force).

HW - None

Tuesday - Today teams will work on Inquiry 5.2 by doing an activity comparing the weights of objects of different sizes. 

Then teams will begin writing procedures to explain how they will do the Inquiry 5.2 lab. Yes, they get to write their own procedure!

HW - None

Wednesday - Once teams get their procedure and data table approved they will get their materials and start collecting data on the mass versus weight experiments.

HW - None

Thursday - Today students will finish graphing their data so they can write their conclusions. We are using Inquiry Boards to help us write up and structure our labs!

Then students will answer some reflection questions.

HW - None

Friday - Today students will work on blogging. Everyone needs to complete his or her EMM Lesson 5, Inquiry 5.1 and 5.2, reflection questions.

HW - Finish your reflection questions if you did not finish in class.
8th grade Science

Monday - Today student teams will finish their Food Miles activity, yes, many teams are still not done. Then they will reflect on what they learned by completing their Food Miles blog assignment.

Once done with the above students need to peer review each other's work by reading and commenting to another student's blog.

HW - None

Tuesday - There are still many students who aren't done with the Food Miles activity so they need to finish so they can get their Food Miles blog assignment done. 

Then we will start investigating single-celled microorganisms.

My 5th period class will be setting the fish traps today.

HW - None

Wednesday - Today teams will share their food miles results so that we can see what different lunches do to the total distance traveled.

Then we will work with our brine shrimp using our digital microscopes!

My 5th period class will retrieve the fish todays so they can identify and count any fish we catch. They will, of course, return the fish they catch to the creek.

HW - None

Thursday - Today we will finish the food miles presentations. Then students will use digital microscopes to look at our brine shrimp (Ms. Cordz got a good amount of brine shrimp to hatch so we've been caring for them to get them to adulthood). 

HW - None

Friday - Today teams will use the digital microscopes again to find evidence that our brine shrimp are in fact alive (they'll be looking to see which of the eight characteristics of living things they can observe the brine shrimp doing).

Students will then take pictures and/or film video of that evidence of life to put up on their blogs.

HW - None 
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